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Welcome to Sarajevo! Welcome to Sarajevo!
B&B Divan
Bed & Breakfast Divan
B&B Divan B&B Divan B&B Divan
B&B Divan

Prices & conditions
Single room / night: 50 €
Double room / night: 60 €
B&B Divan
M.M.Baseskije br.54, 71000 Sarajevo.

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Private accommodation Marko Polo
Private rooms Imperijal Situated just in front of the famous, old 'Cafe Imperijal' at the main road in Sarajevo, teh private accomdation Imperijal is a the perfect option for people who like high-class style and privacy.
Private appartment Imperijal Inside Cafe Imperijal Inside Cafe Imperijal
Private accommodation Imperijal
'Imperijal' is a beautiful, big appartment, in the middle of the center of Sarajevo, near its old-town Bašcaršija.

It offers four rooms: two double- and two 4-bed-rooms.
There are two bathrooms and central heating.

No breakfast available.
The appartment is accessible 24/24h; also there's always hot water.

Prices & conditions
Double rooms / night: 36 €
Single room / night: 20 €
4-bed-rooms / night: 60 €

Private rooms 'Imperijal'
Maršala Tita 31, 71000 Sarajevo.

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Guesthouse Jahorina
Hostel Jahorina Situated on the mountain of Jahorina, at the mainroad with several restaurants and hostels.
Guesthouse Jahorina Guesthouse Jahorina Guesthouse Jahorina
Guesthouse Jahorina
In this lovely hostel there are several rooms with basic facilities.
Its offering single-, double- and three bed rooms.
All in all capacity is 12 beds in 5 rooms.
Every appartment has shower, sat. tv and kitchen inside.

Prices & conditions
Single rooms / person and night: 15 €
Double rooms / night: 30 €
3-bed rooms / night: 45 €
4-bed rooms / night: 50 €
Appartment (max. 5 persons) / night: 70 €
Group (min. 20 persons) / person and night: 10 €

Hostel Jahorina
Šator bb, 71000 Sarajevo.

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* All prices revised on 1st of march 2006. Prices may vary during high- or off-season.
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